The Importance of Being Earnest … – about virtual education

… about virtual education.

When I was still in school my world was restricted to my immediate friends and surroundings. If I wanted to visited relatives or friends living farther away it took quite some time. With the arrival of modems and BBSes my small world became a little bit bigger. And when the World Wide Web and eMail established themselves and virtual worlds began to emerge in the mid nineties my world expanded to include everybody who had access to an internet account. Nowadays the number of people who have access to the internet in some form or the other has multiplied x-fold, and our world is expanding, or maybe I should say our perspective is expanding, the world itsself seems to have become smaller. It is becoming easier to access an ever increasing of information, it is becoming easier to contact an ever increasing number of people without having to use a phone or visiting them physically. Never before has it been so easy for people of different cultures to meet each other in a virtual environment and get to know each other. But has it become easier for us to process this much information? Has the number of our friends (and I mean REAL friends) increased? Continue reading